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The Oakridge Boys Theatre


464 State Hwy. 248
Branson MO 65616




2 hours


Old country – new country – hot country – it's all here at the show that began the hottest trend in country music entertainment! You'll enjoy the best of the best – musicians, singers, dancers, comedy, and specialty acts for a two hour country musical journey!


The Oakridge Boys Theatre is located on State Hwy. 248 about 100 yards off Hwy. 65.


Autograph Session Concession Stand Crying Room Diaper Changing Station Disabled Facilities Gift Shop On-Site Parking

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10 fans have rated this show with an average score of 3.8

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Editor Reviews

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Fan Reviews

2010 Fan Reviews

Carol Merrick
Denison, Texas
June 18, 2010
Country Tonite
Oak Ridge Boys Theatre

We have seen Country Tonite for the past three years.

They took the dancers out, and even though the dancers were good in the past, I was able to focus on the singers better. David Griffin was my favorite. There was a new female singer this year. I can't remember her name, but she was very good also. Their program is clean in that children can watch it. Overall the band is great. Whoever puts the program together presents good songs; some old ones and new ones. After the program the artist are in the foyer. You can shake their hand, ask them questions and purchase their CD's.

In my opinion, this show is one of the best in Branson.

Bill Koellner
West Liberty, Iowa
April 16, 2010
Country Tonite
Oak Ridge Boys Theatre

Excellent show from the beginning.

Super singers and band. Marty Haggard is wonderful. Get showplace and we were treated very well.

Good size crowd and enjoyed both halves of the show.


2009 Fan Reviews


Jason Merrick
Morris Plains, NJ
October 29, 2009
Country Tonight
Oak Ridge Boys Theater

David Griffin is the whole show!  He's young, handsome and my god, what a voice!  This is without a doubt Branson's very best show.  It's got everything:  dancers, a great band, new and old songs, audience participation, comedy, and it's a good long show, definitely every penny's worth.  I even liked the snack bar!  Outside is the Oak Ridge Boys store and some very unique gifts.  Parking is plentiful and close, a short walk to the box office.  The theater is massive and open.  But best of all is the show itself.  Nathan Agrippa (not sure of spelling) is amazing on fiddle, and all the pickers are super-talented.  Nathan and David should be in Vegas! This is a 100% FABULOUS SHOW!  DON'T MISS IT!

AL Treece
Sherman, TX
August 6, 2009
Country Tonite

This was a wonderful variety show with phenomenal singing! The staff was friendly and helpful. It was easy to park, and our seats were excellent. The four main singers were very talented, and the featured slideshow showing their trip to Iraq was so moving. Seeing the photos of the singers, musicians and other staff with the soldiers really impacted us. The costume changes were great, and the pacing of the show kept our attention. David Griffin was a super-enthusiastic entertainer that really engaged the audience. I would definitely recommend this show to others who are in the area looking for quality entertainment.

Carol J. Merrick
Denison, Texas
July 29th and Aug.2, 2009
Country Tonite
Oak Ridge Boys Theater

I vote for Country Tonite as the (Best Show) in Branson. My first visit this year was August 29th. They shared a show with T.G. Sheppard. When I learned that on Sunday August 2, 2009, Country Tonite would be presenting a two hour show, I returned. It was the best two hours of entertainment presented. All four singers sang individual solos, and background for each other. David Griffin was the best. He had a stage presence that reached out to the audience with his smile. The dancers were great. Their movements were in perfect timing. Their expression of each song was dramatic with feeling whether it was country music or gospel music. The musicians were excellent and played the individual instrumnts with their own expertise. The lighting had a dramatic effect on stage. The background screen was awesome as the names of the singers were presented. The program presented a variety of music to include gospel and patriotic, all presented in a wholesome family atmosphere. I believe that "Country Tonite" presented the best talent and deserve to win the award for the Best Show in Branson. The aditorium was large and seating was comfortable. I will return for their Christmas Show.

Buddy Merrick
Country Tonite
Oak Ridge Boys Theater

Wow, wow, wow! I'm a retired performer, I'm from New York, and I've seen hundreds of Broadway shows and even more in Vegas and Branson. This show compares to the very best of them. Definately the best in Branson, especially with David Griffin as the lead, star singer. Wow! What a talent! Someone is going to pick him up and make a Hollywood star out of him. He sings, dances, moves and smiles, then he comes up front after the show and loves on people like they are his best friend! If you don't cry when David Griffin sings "If You're Reading This," then you're not alive. Not a dry eye in the house! And standing ovations for "Boot Scootin' Boogie" and like every song he sings! What a performer! He even went to Iraq and entertained the troops! I also enjoyed Nathan Agdeppa, the fiddle player. This guy is way, way better than Charlie Daniels whom I performed with! I saw this show three times and I'm gonna see it a whole lot more!! Don't ever, ever, ever cancel this
outstanding show, it's the best we've ever seen in Branson!!

Branson Missouri
August 2009
Country Tonite
Oak Ridge Boys Theater

I would like to nominate Country Tonite for Best Show in Branson. This is an incredible show to go see with my family and would suggest it to anyone coming to the area. Country Tonite has an amazing sound, not to mention lighting, and the best part of all the cast. Every person on that stage, you could tell was having fun and was not bothered by another night of reputition of the same thing from the night before. Their warming smiles and attitudes draws you right up there on the stage to have fun with them. I have seen this show in the past as well, and really enjoyed seeing the aray of special guests this season. I saw that these guests ranged from TG Shephard, to the soothing sounds of Restless Heart and onto the up beat hit of Little Texas. Who wouldn't want to award this group of people for the incredible job that they do on their performance on a daily basis.

Kristen Chandler
Branson, MO
Country Tonite
Oak Ridge Boys Theatre

Country Tonite is a high energy show with the best dancing of any show in Branson. This wasn't the first time I saw this show this year. I also saw it earlier in the season with Collin Raye as the Guest Star. I really enjoyed this version of the show. The show flowed really well. It was a great mix of singing and dancing without ever getting bored. The costumes were fun and contemporary. The vocalists sounded great and the dancers were full of energy. The comedy was very entertaining as well. Collin Raye was fantastic! He sounded just as good as he does on his recordings. I would definitely recommend this show to everyone.

Amy Bunch
Sherman, Texas
Country Tonite
Oak Ridge Boys Theater

The whole crew of Country Tonite was just amazing and so friendly. The dancers were all so energetic and entertaining and the choreography to each song was fantastic..especially the routine to "Just a Dream". Each and every one of the artists performing are very talented and can't wait to see them again! After the show, each person took the time to sign autographs and spend time with my 5 year old daughter which meant the world to her because she was included and wasn't just being pushed through the line for the next person to come up. Country Tonite is the best show that we saw while we were in Branson for summer vacation and definately is a reason on why we want to come back soon!

Janice Hallmark
Country Tonite

I love Country Tonite.I come to Branson 2 to 3 times a year.I always come to see this show.There is no other show like this one.The cast is great with all there performers.David Griffin is from my hometown.He is awesome.They all seem to be one big family there.The cast has always been very friendly when we talk to them after the show.We have had our pictures made with them.They are all just awesome.It would be sad for all them to have to go their seperate ways.They are so good as a group.They sing a variety of music.I can't say enough about Country Tonite.It is my favorite show in Branson.

October 14, 2008

I actaully had the opportunity to meet Kim back in Nashville at Opryland singing in the Country Music USA.  My family and I had season passes and would visit every couple of weeks or so. I also was there when she performed on the Grand Ole Opry for the first time.  Over the years, we all moved around and unfortunately lost touch.  I was so delighted to see her a few weeks ago in the Country Tonite show! It has always been a favorite show of ours and we had not been to Branson in the last couple of years.  We bought tickets. The show started.  And out comes Kim during the opening number! Couldn't believe it! The show is wonderful! And WOW! - the costumes!!! Everyone did a great job! But, when she came out and sang Tammy Wynette's song, my eyes watered.  She has such a way of singing a song. She connects with the audience by telling a story when she sings.  It was a breath-taking performance.  When she finished the song, for a moment, you could've heard a pin drop, before the audience burst into applause!  I bought one of her Cds for the trip home, just because of that song!  I also loved the gospel songs.  I know she said that she grew up singing with her family, traveling on a bus singing southern gospel when she was little.  I think her family would be proud. The singers did a great job on "I Can Only Imagine" - with the dancers.  We will be back for the Christmas show to see Kim.  She said she will be singing, Mary, Did You Know and O Holy Night.  I heard them on her CD and I can't wat to hear them again, LIVE!  She and the dark-haired male singer also sang a duet and it was outstanding.  There blend was perfect! I cannot remember the name, but after the first part, the audience spontanieously clapped for them!!! In closing, I 100% vote for Kim Barber for Best Female Vocalist not just for her sheer talent, but, more importantly, she deserves it because she is such a beautiful person not just on the outside, but truly caring and warm on the inside. I watched her spend the extra time talking with people out in the lobby after the show.  She has a gift for making people feel special!  And that is rare! 

October 2, 2008

I am a local in this town and I have been here for over fifteen years. I have seen all the shows, some impressive some not. I just got done seeing the Country Tonight Show and I was blown away. The technical aspect of that show was amazing and the performance of everyone was amazing. I also saw a familair face. I have seen Jason Froeshle at other theatres before and he would always sound good vocal blending with all the others in the show, but I never saw him have the chance to show off what he can do. I went to the Country Tonight show and saw that he was featured. WOW, that boy can sing. I had no idea that he had all that talent inside of him. It is great to see someone work their way up and prove themselves to be amazing. I can't say enough good stuff about him. I was so empressed. To be honest most shows have less than par singers performing but not at this show and especially not Jason. His voice is commanding and there is so much emotion in it. He allowed me to get lost in the songs he sang, whether it was about love or rocking the night away. There is a true quality and sound to his voice and Branson is very lucky to have him on one of its stages. He was so pleasant and refreshing to listen to and to watch. I would recommend seeing that show to any local or tourist.

Check out the
Country Tonite Photo Page

September 29, 2008

If you are familiar with Branson in the last 10 years then you know about Country Tonight.  It was a fantastic show years ago and I had my doubts when they decided to bring it back. I hear that there are a lot of skeptics out there that think it's not as good, but if you have any sense of today's Country this show will soon be the best one in town.   One of the most amazing voices I  have ever heard is Mr. Jason Freshly.  His vocal talent is really showcased and his tone is none-other than that of a Country Music Legend.  He has been on the Branson stage since he was young performing in several different shows such as Anita Bryant, American Kids, Shoji Tabuchi Theater, The Showboat Branson Belle and The White House Theater.  He has always wowed the audience every time he commands the stage. His vocal range is phenomenal and his blend with the others in the Country Tonight Quartet is perfect.  Not only can he blend but as a solo artist he is always impressive from Yodeling to singing the high notes. Branson is not about making someone who "thinks" they can sing into a star, like so many theaters have. It's about being a true talent like Jason Freshly. Someone who could go anywhere in the Country and be impressive, how lucky this town is to have him.

September 28, 2008

If you have yet to see the "new" Country Tonite at the Oak Ridge Boys theater (formally the Follies Theater), then you are missing out on one of Bransons brightest new country stars Kimberly Barber! Coming to Branson from the Nashville scene, Kimberly's performance definitely reflects her professional experience in the capitol of country music recording. This beautiful, tall blond will melt your heart singing songs ranging from the classic Tammy Wynett standard "Till I can make it on my own", and modern favorites such as Sugarlands "want to" and Mary Chapin Carpenters soon to be classic "Twist and Shout." Kimberly's powerfull but sultry voice makes each song sound as if it were written just for her and the audience is mesmerized by the way her performance captivates their hearts. You can really hear this along with her versatility in the Duet she sings with Jason Froshly on the 80's pop song "Up Where We Belong."

Her heart shines through when she sings songs of faith. "Walking in Jerusalem" again showcases her incredible voice, but the real treat will come if she is again singing "Mary did you know?" and "Oh Holy Night" for the Christmas season. You do not want to miss the chills you are sure to feel from those beautiful songs being sung by this equally beautiful female vocalist!

Take the time to say hello to Kimberly after the show too as she is as gracious and sweet as you would expect from a 4th generation Texas southern Belle! Mrs. Barber is a wonderfull addition to the Branson music scene and we can only hope that she is gracing our local stages for years to come!

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